“God has put me through a very hard and very big test,” Tabbetha says as she talks about her life over the past six months. She admits that life was a mess before coming to Christ. “Before becoming a Christian my life was a ball of tangled up lines that I didn't know which was the right ending or not." As children, we are strongly influenced by those around us. Our worldview is shaped without awareness. For Tabbetha, it was Catholicism. “While I was growing up, my father and his family were Catholic. So I attended mass, went to a Catholic school, and studied the Catholic ways."

She was made to feel that anyone outside of Catholicism didn’t care. “I was told stories about how other religions were just all about themselves. Other religions didn’t care about people getting into heaven, just as long as the church members got into heaven that was fine."

Upon moving back in with her mother at age 10, Tabbetha wanted nothing to do with the Catholic Church. “I didn't attend anymore Catholic churches because I didn't want to live thinking the way the Catholics did. Every once in a while I will put my rosary on and say a little prayer, but that's all I have left of the Catholic Church."

Years went by before Tabbetha’s journey to Christ began. It started three years ago with her two sons. “Once my kids got old enough, I started to attend different churches with them. They liked the different churches, but within a week or two, they didn't want to go back which led me to believe that wasn't the right church for us, so we went on to a different church.

On April 21, 2016 Tabbetha and her sons were kicked out of her parent’s home and left spending the night in a women and children’s shelter. A family from the church they were attending opened up their home. “I tried to find a job as fast as possible, but no one would hire me. So I figured it was God telling me to stop, it’s not my time or place right now." Just a few short days later on April 24, Tabbetha and her boys were kicked out.

“I called the father of my kids, and he said to move up here again. So we did."

Although faced with many obstacles, it is evident to see God at work. It was not long before she discovered Hermitage Hills.

“We became familiar with Hermitage Hills, because we used to live here in Hermitage for eight years and we always passed by. I always wanted to attend but everyone told me it was a big church and too crowded. Back then I believed them. Total mistake. We gave it a shot a couple weeks ago. And we love it!"

Hermitage Hills is all about life change and for Tabbetha, change is happening. She accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior while attending church one Sunday. “I went to the altar to pray and God told me it was time. So I asked to be saved. A couple days after, I got a job! A good one at that!"

As believers, life will not be perfect. However, Scripture is clear when it states in Romans 8:28 that, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

“I know my story seems like a charity case as most would say, but I don't want anyone treating me and my boys differently. The Lord has a plan for us, and we are fighting alongside Him to weather this storm, and once we win there will be clear skies and happiness for my boys and I. I'm just patiently waiting."

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