Hermitage Hills Baptist Church is a place with a glorious past and an unlimited future. We are a collection of imperfect people who are perfectly committed to loving outsiders. What began in 1956 as a dream amid a potato field has blossomed into the church you see today. Cecil & Sally Davis hosted the first small group of our church, allowing 53 people to use their home to gather for worship. It was an impossible dream, but one they pursued with great passion.

During Easter weekend of 1957, a special celebration was held under a large elm tree that stood in, what is now, our courtyard area. They were dangerous dreamers, who saw a future of people experiencing LIFE change through Jesus Christ.

That November, Rev. George Becvar was called to be the pastor of the church. His tenure would be twenty years, as the area grew rapidly in population and attracted hundreds of young families to the church. Known then as Lebanon Road Baptist Church, the members knew it must expand to meet the needs of the growing young church. Lockeland Baptist Church, of east Nashville, came to the rescue both physically and financially. This new partnership between the two churches is where we received our current name, Hermitage Hills Baptist Chapel. Two years later, it became known as Hermitage Hills Baptist Church.

In 1978, Dr. Richard Herrington became pastor until his unexpected death in 1990. Pastor Dean Haun pastored the church from 1992 to 1999. Under his leadership the church experienced growth and laid the foundations for a potential new worship center.

In 2000, Dr. Poly Rouse became just the fourth Senior Pastor of the church. Under his leadership, the church continued to grow and moved into our current worship facility in 2005. Today, we have a church that represents the rich diversity of our community.

We believe the best is yet to come. We are interested in taking the gospel to a culture that craves TRUTH. We are a church that dreams big, but feels small.

Hermitage Hills is where LIFE change happens!

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