In June of 2017, 515 people heard the message of Jesus Christ and of that number six made decisions to follow Jesus. Two of them were adults.  “This was our most successful BKC ever!”, stated one volunteer. “We even had a little girl, that got saved last year, come back this year! I was so happy and knew we were making a difference when I saw her and her family walk up!”

So, why do we do BKC? The answer is simple…to reach unchurched families in different communities around Nashville. Sure, we could do VBS in our church or on our campuses, but then we are asking the community to come to us. Why not just go to them?

Backyard Kids Clubs have been happening at Hermitage Hills for the past nine years and while it may be a non-traditional approach to take, we think the approach is working. During BKC, kids learn songs, make crafts, participate in interactive Bible stories, play games, and eat delicious snacks! Our 2017 theme, Galactic Starveyors, allowed for some very creative snacks! Through every activity, the kids learn how much God truly loves them.

Each year on the Sunday following BKC, all participants are invited to Hermitage Hills to celebrate God and His glory. Kids lead worship and enjoy a celebration party with water inflatables, hot dogs, chips, and shaved ice! “This year was amazing! We gave out 500 hot dogs and bags of chips on the Hermitage Campus and 150 hot dogs and bags of chips on our Rayon City Campus. On the Hermitage Campus alone, we had over 27 families that don’t normally attend”, said Britney Zimmer, Minister of Preschool and Children.

“This is what churches are supposed to do. We have never seen churches in the community like this. We are coming back”, said one or our first-timers. Another parent commented, “Thank you so much for doing this. My kid is loving it.” And that is why we do BKC!

BKC happens each year because of your generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Hermitage Hills is seeing people experience LIFE change through Jesus Christ.   

We are getting ready for BKC 2018. This year's theme, Game ON. Happening June 5-7, 2018. Three days of fun! The perfect place to take that Next Step and SERVE. Sign up today to change a child's life.


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