Sometimes all it takes is a question. A question can make us think. A question can start a conversation. For Kat Matlock all it took was one question to lead her to a closer walk with Jesus. Several months ago, a friend asked Kat why she didn’t attend church. She didn’t have an answer. Kat, like many of us, grew up in church, but as she grew older she fell away. Somehow her friend’s question caused her to begin thinking about God and seeking Him. She realized she wasn’t living how she wanted to be. Kat began praying and looking for a church. She wanted a place where she could learn more about God and a place where people loved the Lord.

Kat visited several churches, but it wasn’t until she found Hermitage Hills that she found her place. Her first Sunday happened to be Group Link. Immediately, Kat was greeted by a friendly Connect Team member and was so thankful that same team member checked on her during the service. As Kat says the team member “was there at that time in my life I really needed someone to just notice me.”

Kat was also introduced to Starting Point. The eight-week class gave her a chance to ask questions and find out more about who God is. Starting Point allowed her to see that people begin their faith journey at all ages.

On January 10, Kat gave her life to Jesus Christ. She was baptized on January 31. Kat learned that she could come broken to the feet of Jesus and she no longer feels the need to hide herself away. She has found confidence in who she is in Christ. Kat is grateful for the people at Hermitage Hills. Kat says, “The people of HHBC really care about others. They want everyone to know God, and they help you find the right group of people to help you learn about God. If it wasn’t for the people of HHBC I don’t believe I would have continued to develop my relationship with God.”

Kat says she is now happy and excited about life again. She attends two LIFEgroups, one on Sunday morning and one on Sunday night. She also serves on the Connect Team, greeting new people as they enter Hermitage Hills. She now has the opportunity to come to church every Sunday and help someone the way she was helped.

For Kat Matlock, her LIFE Change all began with a question. Maybe all it takes is us asking one question to change someone else’s life.

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