What a blessing it is to serve. That is the sentiment from those that have been traveling to Guatemala over the past several years. They all remember when the construction site was just a cow field and a pond. But, because of so many who believe in the Las Conchas project, that field is now a blessing under construction to become a church and community development center.

"To drive up each day and imagine the worship, ministry and training that will go on each week is completely overwhelming", says one volunteer. Those volunteering don't mind cutting rebar, forming connector pieces and putting together the metal frames so the first floor roof can be finished with concrete. As a matter of fact, they set an ambitious goal of finishing the section over the sanctuary during their week in Guatemala.

And, not only are they working construction, they are also workng hard to connect with the people of Las Conchas. Through women's ministry in the afternoon, serving over 200 participants in discipleship workshops at Shalom Church, and playing soccer against the Guatemala workers, you would think these volunteers would be exhausted, but it's the joy of serving that keeps them going. They did want it noted, they lost the game 3-0, but only because they were all wearing work boots. At least, that's their story.

The team is so happy to serving and asks that we pray for strength, protection, and more opportunities to share Christ.

If you are interested in joining this mission team to Guatemala, CLICK HERE to sign up.

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