Radical Heart exists to bring restoration and hope to our neighbors in crisis through mentorship, prevention and resources. We do this by challenging and discipling the body of Christ to embrace the Biblical mandate to care for vulnerable children and families through radical generosity and love. 

How Can I Donate?

Inside the building there are donation bins located around the church for you to drop shelf-stable foods and clothes. Bins can be found on the Ground Level as well as outside the Library near the elevators.


Additionally, there is a large metal bin located outside doors 14 and 15 (Worship Center West), in the lower parking lot. This bin is intended to be used for clothes only!  Please do not place food inside this bin as it may draw pests. Also, food has to be temperature-controlled, so we do not want to have food wastage because of it being donated in the incorrect bin.


What Can I Donate?

We are in constant need of food and clothing for our guests. We have provided a list of acceptable items below. Please donate those items only in the various bins provided. Clothing should be bagged and secured when dropping inside a donation bin.


Men's, Women's, and Children's Clothing and Shoes:

  • Currently in style
  • Freshly laundered
  • No pet or smoke smells, holes, stains, or discoloration
  • All buttons in place
  • Zippers must work
  • No inappropriate/unreadable messages, bare midriff items, bikini bathing suits, or questionable clothing
  • Shoes should be cleaned of all dirt, not badly worn or run over
  • Free of price tags, especially yard sale tags
  • No USED bras or underwear will be accepted; however, new items with store tags or in original packaging are greatly appreciated
  • Socks that are used in excellent condition will be donated to our guests

Food Pantry Items:

  • Canned goods (fruits, vegetables, soups, beans, meats) or other shelf-stable items
  • Pasta
  • Cereal
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Coffee and tea
  • Baby formula and food
  • Personal care items such as shampoos/conditioners, soap, toothpaste

**Important: Please do not donate food items in the blue outdoor bin!**


Radical Heart reserves the right to resell items for the benefit of the ministry. High-ticket clothing, household goods, personal accessories and other miscellaneous items that are donated may be sold with the intent of using acquired funds to cover various ministry-related expenses. 


If you have any questions about the above guidelines, feel free to contact us below: 


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