At Hermitage Hills Baptist Church, we desire for each person to be engaged in missions in their area of influence.  God has uniquely placed us in our neighborhood, at our place of work, surrounded by friends, as patrons of a particular store/restaurant, in our schools, and the list could go on so that we can be the ONE to tell the ONE that needs to hear about the love of the ONE true God!

Missions at Hermitage Hills Baptist wants to equip you with an activity for each month as a starting point for engaging and connecting with those around you.  To participate, simply pick up the activity bag on the first Sunday of the month and follow the instructions inside.  Remember to take pictures because we want to celebrate the way God involves us in His work as we love our community, impact our city, fortify our nation and embrace our world for HIM!





Spring Breaks are already here.  With the chance of us being on vacation or just out of our regular routine, we wanted to take this time to encourage those that are serving us.  This month’s activity is meant to be given to a flight attendant, a hotel employee, an employee at the movie theater, a server at a restaurant, a gas attendant, etc.  We want to encourage these individuals as they serve through this busy season.


This Serve First Sunday activity includes a card that says You Rock, a pen with a verse on it, and a note from Hermitage Hills Baptist Church.  We look forward to hearing how God will use your willingness to connect in a mighty way!





1. Pray for God to help you see the person that He wants you to encourage this month.

2. Write a note on the card thanking them for their service.

3. Give the card, note from Hermitage Hills Baptist Church and the pen to the individual.

4. Take a picture of you leaving the card (always ask before you take a picture of a person) and send it to Brigitte at



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