Elevate Ethiopia

Mission Trip

July 15th-21st

We have scheduled our first mission trip to join Lincoln and the work being done through Elevate Ethiopia.  We will leave on July 15th early in the morning and return late July 21st.  We will have time to see the city of Addis Ababa, meet the staff of Elevate Ethiopia, help the students as they learn English at summer camp, and attend church with Lincoln on Sunday.  If you are interested in going, contact Brigitte at bsimpson@hermitagehills.com.


Hear from Lincoln, the co-founder of Elevate Ethiopia, as he speaks on the Journey to Impact podcast by clicking HERE.


This will be our third year partnering with Elevate Ethiopia in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Lincoln Vallett grew up at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church.  He is now the Co-founder and Executive Director of Elevate Ethiopia.  Their mission is to work with families through empowerment and education programs to help them become self-reliant and positive impactors in their families, communities, and country.  They provide education resources of after school tutoring, summer learning, spoken English class, computer lab, school materials, individualized academic follow-up and field trips.  They provide mentorship resources of life skills class, individual/group counseling, Bible study class, motivational speakers, vision building/goal setting activities, and counseling/training for parents.  They also provide for parents economic empowerment resources of micro-business grants, business/financial management training, savings program, and family medical support.  Students and families in the program receive food provisions each month.  Last year, Hermitage Hills provided financial support for their food program.  We also provided financial support so all the parents of the children in the program could purchase new tennis shoes for their child.


HOW TO GO:  We are excited to continue to provide the financial support through the One Fund so that they can provide food for the students and families.  We are also providing support for the tutoring program where all children receive one hour of individualized tutoring each week.  We are planning a trip in July to see how we can partner further by sending teams.  If you are interested in going, email Brigitte at bsimpson@hermitagehills.com.  You can explore more at elevateethiopia.org.


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