HOPE WALL 2022-23

Hope...one kid at time

While world hunger seems like an epidemic too big to tackle, we believe that God has called us to make a difference. The Hope Wall is simple. We target three communities, focus on three schools, and feed all 690 elementary children for a year.

The children of Las Conchas, Guatemala, live in a country where almost half the population cannot afford the cost of the basic food basket.  As a result, the prevalence of stunting (due to malnutrition) in children under 5 is one of the highest in the world – and the highest in Latin America and the Caribbean (wfp.org).  Malnutrition remains unacceptably high in Kenya, with 29 percent of children in rural areas and 20 percent of those living in cities stunted due to the lack of nutritious foods (wfp.org). Food security analysis conducted in seven regions of Ethiopia indicates that, despite ongoing Humanitarian Food Assistance (HFA), an estimated 8.5 million people (21% of the 41 million people analysed) are highly food insecure (reliefweb.int).  Although these communities are thousands of miles apart, many of the children of Las Conchas, Busia, and Addis Ababa go to bed hungry and go to school the next day with nothing to eat.

You can help bring hope to the communities of Las Conchas, Busia and Addis Ababa. Your giving to the One Fund of $75 per child will feed the children once a day, 5-days a week, for the entire school year.

Because students are unable to attend school right now in Las Conchas, Guatemala, our partners are preparing food baskets with the funds provided through the One Fund.  These baskets are provided to the families of the students.  They plan to continue these efforts until the students are back in the classroom.  Your generosity is helping our partners minister to their community during this difficult time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The Hope Wall is part of the Mission's Budget in the One Fund.
  2. Information is available by the Mission's Wall in the main foyer.  The pictures are of the classes at the school or of recipients of food baskets.  Please use the picture to pray for the child/family/community.  Even though you may not know the name of the child or family, God does. 
  3. By giving $75 to the One Fund, you support the Hope Wall.
  4. You can give online, through text, or with check/cash.
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