Phases: A Family Journey that Lasts a Lifetime

PHASES ... a family journey that last a lifetime.  One of our key mission values is to build stronger relationships, marriages, and families at Hermitage Hills.  Therefore, we are digging deeper into scripture from Deuteronomy 6 on God’s call to each of us as we love our families.

Parenting and leading children and teens is a God given responsibility, but the HOW to do it seems to be missing.  What does God’s Word say about leading our children into His presence?  Time is always moving. We can’t slow it down. We can’t stop it. We can’t reverse it, BUT if we aren’t careful we can miss it!  Know the phases and be in God’s word to lead you through them, because Phases for families lasts a lifetime.

Where's the Manual?

- Poly Rouse

Will They Ever Be Quiet?

- Poly Rouse

Middle School

- Poly Rouse

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