We believe life is better together. As such, we are a church of groups. Life was never meant to be experienced alone, but in community. Whether a child or senior, and everyone in-between, there is a group for you. LIFEgroups are the central strategy we use to cultivate spiritual growth in our church.

Listed below you will find all the LIFEgroups offered, the location, and day. Use the filters to narrow your search. Then select the group and discover the leaders, the teaching material, and meeting times.

Are you interested in leading a group? If so, please complete our LIFEgroup Leader Application.

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Building Map

Group Location Type Day
Co-ed 66+ Joy/Fellowship Hermitage Campus Adult (English), Co-Ed Sunday
Co-ed 60+ Arrowood Hermitage Campus Adult (English), Co-Ed Sunday
Co-ed 60+ Barnabas Hermitage Campus Adult (English), Co-Ed Sunday
Ladies 66+ Ruth Hermitage Campus Adult (English), Women Sunday
Ladies 60+ SonShine Hermitage Campus Adult (English), Women Sunday
Bloom- Ladies Single 20-29 Hermitage Campus Adult (English), Young Adults, Women Sunday
22-29 year old Singles HC Off Campus Young Adults, Co-Ed Sunday
Single Moms HC Off Campus Women Sunday
Purpose Singles 30-50 Hermitage Campus Adult (English), Co-Ed Sunday
Covenant LIFEgroup (Engaged & Newly weds) RC Off Campus Adult (English), Young Married, Co-Ed Tuesday
Young Married 23-32 HC Off Campus Adult (English), Young Married Tuesday
Latino LIFEgroup RC Off Campus Adultos (Latinos) Friday
Abide HC Off Campus Young Adults, Young Married, Men, Women, Co-Ed Saturday
Family Group on Mission HC Off Campus Adult (English), Young Adults Sunday
Miller's Group 30-40 year old couples HC Off Campus Young Adults, Co-Ed Saturday
Men's Group Hermitage Campus Young Adults, Men Sunday
Group for LIFEgroup Leaders HC Off Campus Adult (English) Thursday
Women's Thursday Morning Bible Study Hermitage Campus Women Thursday
Babies/Crawlers Hermitage Campus Preschool Sunday
Toddlers Hermitage Campus Preschool Sunday

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