Poland/Ukraine Support

Link to purchase warm weather items from the Amazon wish list:



When the war in Ukraine began in March, Pastor Poly felt called for the church to step in to help.  With a direct connection to Ukraine through one of our members, Tanya, we were provided the opportunity.  We started by providing financial support to Journey for Freedom, Tanya’s ministry in Odessa.  They had team members in Ukraine helping those that could not evacuate.  We then as a church helped Tanya pack 300 medical kits for Ukrainian soldiers.

Tanya connected us with another ministry opportunity through ICF Church in Bydgoszcz,  Poland.  Pastor Michal saw the need of the refugees coming to his town and felt God calling him to use the church space as temporary housing.  Through a special offering, we were able to provide $36,500 to help the church as they look for a permanent housing solution for the refugees.

HOW TO GO:  This year, we will continue to connect with these two ministries.  Right now, you can help by purchasing warm weather items for Ukrainian soldiers who are needing warm clothing and unable to find it.  Follow the link above to purchase items from the Amazon wish list.  These items will be shipped directly to Tanya. We are also collecting socks for children of all ages.  You can leave socks in the main foyer by the Mission’s wall.  Tanya will bring all collected items to Ukraine in January 2023.


Here is an update on the house that we raised support for in Poland through the ICF Church.



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