Italy Mission Trip:  June 17-27, 2021

We are entering our fourth year of partnership with Fabiano and Anne Nicodemo.  They are missionaries in Cesena, Italy.  The church they planted has grown and has multiplied through a church plant in Rimini.


This year, we were able to support Italy through providing rent for the meeting space for the church in Rimini.  We provided updated software and a computer to Pastor Fabiano so that he could livestream services with no delays or disruptions.  We also provide support for the Nicodemos as they minister to the people of Italy.


Our mission trip, June 17-27 2021, will focus on hosting sports camps.  These camps are very similar to Fuge Camp for students in the United States.  God is opening the door for the Gospel to be told through unique ways as students participate in fun activities.  Over 100 students ages 13-18 attend these camps each summer.  We need people with a variety of skills to participate in the trip.  All it takes is a willing heart for God to use you to show Himself to the world.


Pastor Fabiano's challenge for 2021 is to commit to take Jesus to the ends of the earth. Provided below is information about Italy. Please pray for this country and for Pastor Fabiano and his family.

  • Population: 60 million
  • 74% of Catholics, but only 24% really practice
  • Rome, the world headquarters of the Catholic Church, but in it is also located the largest mosque in Europe
  • It is the country with the greatest influence in European and world culture, mainly in the arts and religion
  • 22.6% between agnostics, atheists and without religion, according to IPSOS research
  • 3% Islamists (2 million)
  • Orthodox church (1.7 million)
  • 0.9% Protestants (about 700,000)
  • 430,000 Jehovah's Witness
  • 100,000 wizards work full time in the country
  • Satanism is strong mainly in the region of Torino (Turin)
  • Some reagions are well marked by oppression
  • Northern Italy has the highest rates of suicide
  • Most churches have about 45 members
  • There is one pastor for every 380,000 inhabitants
  • Of the 8,101 municipalities only 5% have a study group, a small church or an evangelical testimony
  • There are only 20,000 Baptist in Italy
  • The country is one of the most difficult places for the preaching of the Gospel, considered by many as the "missionary cemetery", because most quit in less than three years.  

The cost of the trip is estimated to be $2,600 per person.  There is $400 of mission support provided for 8 Hermitage Hills members to help supplement the cost of the trip.  A $200 per person deposit is due when you sign up.  A payment schedule will be set for $1,000 to be paid by the end of February, $1,600 to be paid by the end of April, and $2,600 to be paid in full by May 31st.

If you are interested in being a part of the Italy Mission Team, please complete the form below.

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