HOPE WALL 2020-21

Hope...one kid at time

While world hunger seems like an epidemic too big to tackle, we believe that God has called us to make a difference. The Hope Wall is simple. We target two communities, focus on two schools, and feed all 637 elementary children for a year.

The children of Las Conchas, Guatemala, live in a country with the fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world and the highest in Latin America. (wfp.org) According to the Red Cross, the number of children and adults going hungry in Kenya, Africa, has reached 3 million. Although these communities are thousands of miles apart, many of the children of Las Conchas and Busia go to bed hungry and go to school the next day with nothing to eat.

You can help bring hope to the communities of Las Conchas and Busia. Your donation of $75 per child will feed the children once a day, 5-days a week, for the entire school year. One hundred percent of your donation goes towards feeding the children in these communities.

Because students are unable to attend school right now, our partners are preparing food baskets with the funds provided through the Hope Wall.  These baskets are provided to the families of the students.  They plan to continue these efforts until the students are back in the classroom.  Your generosity is helping our partners minister to their community during this difficult time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The Hope Wall will open Sunday, November 8th.  Only families new to the Hope Wall will pick out a picture of a child/children.
  2. You will fill out the information card with the picture and turn it into the Hope Wall volunteers.  The picture(s) is a tangible way for you to remember to pray for the children, families, and churches in Guatemala and Kenya.
  3. We ask you to pay at least $20 per selected child when you take a picture. You can pay the remaining balance all at once or throughout the year. You can even set up online payments.
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While global hunger is big, we believe the hope of Christ is bigger. The Hope Wall is only one part of reaching these communities with the love of Jesus.  We have additional ways through church planting, adult education, home LIFEgroups, and more. Click Here to find out about our mission trips to Guatemala and Kenya.

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