This year is truly unique which gives us the opportunity to rethink ministry.  Even though Guatemala and Kenya students have been unable to attend school, our partners have been able to provide food baskets to the families because of the monies given through the Hope Wall.  With many unable to work, the gift of food is a blessing and reminder that God loves them and will take care of them.  Thank you for supporting the Hope Wall’s 637 children and their families. 

And the uniqueness of ministry continues.  This year we were unable to go to our partners.  Instead, we sent funds to buy thermometers for all the churches in the Teso Baptist Association in Kenya so they could begin to meet in person again.  We sent funds to Italy to update software and buy a computer so that they could livestream services and ministry events with no delays.  We sent funds to help support Shalom Church in Guatemala which also supports the school at Las Conchas.  Since we did not go, the Hope Wall will look different this year.  We will not have updated pictures.  Our partners plan to continue to distribute food baskets to the families until the children return to the schools.

We are asking that you prayerfully consider extending your generosity through the 2020-21 mission’s year.  You would continue to pray for the picture of the child/children you had last year from your support of the Hope Wall.  The monies will continue to feed them and their families during this very critical time.  You can renew by clicking here.  For more information, email

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