Hermitage Hills places a high value on impacting our city through public school partnerships. We love teachers, students and administrators! It is our passion to partner with those who are educating and caring for future generations in our community.  Currently, we are partnering with three schools - Hermitage Elementary, Springdale Elementary and McGavock High School.

We connect with these partners by providing support for the teachers and staff, a space for training, and encouragement throughout the year.


During the 2019-2020 school year, we served McGavock through:

  • Hosting and feeding the McGavock football team and guests (approx. 250 people) at the 2019 Red/Blue Awards Night
  • Feeding the football team before each home game
  • Speaking to the team during one of the character coaching sessions
  • Welcoming the new principal and already working towards plans to serve their school in light of virtual schooling

During the 2019-2020 school year, we served Hermitage Elementary through:

  • Providing a space for them to conduct training
  • Providing lunch for their teacher training
  • Providing volunteers and breakfast for a parent connect
  • Providing dinner for the school’s cultural night
  • Helping in the Bubby Reading Program
  • Participating in a social/emotional growth day where students packed an Operation Christmas Child box
  • Connecting families to Radical Heart food pick up during pandemic

This year, we are working with the principals to find ways to support them during virtual and modified in-person learning.  Some possible upcoming opportunities are to help host a banquet for McGavock High School, to coordinate meals for teachers, to provide school supplies and to write notes of encouragement to teachers.


Contact Britney Zimmer at bzimmer@hermitagehills.com to connect to our school partnerships.


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