November 11 - Brownie Baking Giveaway


This activity can be done individually,

with the whole family, roommates, or friends.

What you will need:

2 boxes of brownie mix and the necessary ingredients


The smell of brownies baking is amazing!  So, this week we are making brownies—one batch for you and one batch to give away.  There are people in our lives that have made an impact on us and helped us to grow.   Here are some ways that Hermitage Hills has made an impact in our City and Nation through missions.

From Sherry Crews, member of Hermitage Hills:  "I was wondering, have you ever donated blood? Have you ever thought about donating blood?  If you have donated, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you.  If you’ve thought about it, but never have, I would love to share a story with you about why you should.


Several years ago, I went into the hospital for a routine surgery which was no big deal and was supposed to be simple.  Six days later, I was hemorrhaging internally and taken to the ER.  I was prepped for emergency surgery and while in surgery, there were complications. I lost a lot of blood and during surgery was given a pint. A day later in the hospital, I received another pint.  If I had not gotten that blood, I probably would not have survived.  So, fast forward about four years and I am back in the same situation.  I am hemorrhaging internally and at the emergency room.  The ER doctor said that they would be doing surgery which would take about two hours.  Well, six hours later, I was out of surgery with several complications and another three pints of blood.  So, in my lifetime, I personally have received five pints of blood.  If people had not donated, then I would not have been able to receive the thing that I needed to save my life.


If I had the opportunity to say something to those people that donated blood, I would say thank you for taking the time to donate and for being willing to help others so that it was available when I really needed it.  If you are thinking about donating, I would encourage you. It’s very important and truly will save a life!"

From Pastor Mike, Bridge City Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA:  see video above

Thank you for praying for the mission trip to Townsend, TN.  Your gifts to Month of Missions helps us to support those on mission.  They had a wonderful time riding and serving.  Here is some of what was accomplished on the trip:  handed out water/Gatorade, saw beautiful scenery (most got wet), heard awesome preaching and worship, attended an 11 year old boy’s birthday party, repaired bikes while witnessing souls being repaired, delivered snacks/toiletries to those needing help, comforted a man who had just lost his mother, had great food and fellowship, blessed a lot of bikes, laughed with many, cried with some, prayed for all, filled many gas tanks, made new friends and reconnected with some old ones, led one to the Lord!, got to see the hands and feet of God at work and rode in HIS light and reflected HIS light in the Smokies.

From Lori Resmer, Team Leader Radical Heart:  "I want to say thank you for the Safe Families host homes, coaches, and friends that we have in this ministry.  Many of you may not know about Safe Families, but we are a partner where we train people to take children into their home to provide respite for families going through crisis.  We have three host families right now.  This year, we have had five children hosted by these families – similar to Foster Care – but we have hosted those children in our homes to help families that are going through a difficult time.  I want to say thank you for opening you homes and opening your hearts.  Thank you to Lifegroups and friends that are supporting these families and giving to this ministry."

From Michael Jenkins, Minister to Students:  "We are continuing to look for opportunities for a student trip, but we will certainly have to take COVID into consideration as we plan.  Our desire is to keep our students engaged in missions, it may be smaller groups, closer to home, and shorter trips, but it will still be a meaningful experience that deepens their relationship with Christ."


As the brownies bake, think about those around you.  Who could you give a batch of brownies to as a thank you or as a way to connect?  We want you to stay safe as you give away your brownies so remember to social distance, avoid actions such as hugging, and wear your masks.  Maybe you could do a porch drop and then FaceTime so that you can enjoy brownies together virtually.  Post pictures of your brownie baking experience to social media and tag us @hermitagehills.


Learn more about how Jesus impacted a woman’s life by being intentional and taking time to connect with her in this week’s devotion found in Week Two Resources.


Click on week two resources for the devotion, QR Code for City + Nation mission opportunities, Radical Heart Food Drive, Operation Christmas Child opportunities and information on the Blood Drive.



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