November 4 - Thankful Tree Activity

This activity can be done individually, with the whole family, roommates, or friends.

What you will need:

thankful tree template from downloads, markers/crayons/pens, scissors, tape

A thankful tree helps us to remember what God has done in our lives over the past year.  There is so much for which to be thankful!  To create your tree, print the template or use items to make your own, have each person write down things they are thankful for this year on the leaves, tape the leaves to the tree, and hang your tree up as a reminder of all God has done.  Post your tree to social media and tag us @hermitagehills.

Listen to the video above as Pastor Poly tells you about some things he is thankful for this year.  Below are some additional things that we are thankful for as we remember what God has done through missions in our Community.

From Britney Zimmer, Minister of Preschool and Children -  "Although we had to cancel our Pumpkin Palooza CARnival this year, we still have so much for which to be thankful. Our church was so generous in their giving. Many people gave pumpkins and candy to help support this event.  We even had families deliver pumpkins to our surrounding neighbors. Many signed up to help make this a great gathering and what an encouragement it is to have a church family who supports reaching our community! We look forward to how God will continue to use Pumpkin Palooza next year!"

From Lori Resmer, Radical Heart Team Leader - "I am thankful for our volunteers – we have 85 people who rotate through and serve at Radical Heart.  Since COVID hit, we have had a core group of people that have been there week after week.  I want to say thanks volunteers for all that you do to make this ministry possible.

I am thankful for Hermitage Hills and the space that you have entrusted us with.  You have given us a generous amount of space and we have been able to expand.  This has allowed us to do more in our community due to the space that we have.


I am thankful for the donations that we have been given.  Many of you have given food and clothing and financial donations, which helps us to serve the community.


I am thankful for opportunities.  2020 has been a tough one, we had the tornado followed by COVID 19.  God has given us many unique opportunities to serve.  When the tornado hit, we were able to off load all of our food in the pantry to provide lunches for people for several days in a row.  We had restaurants – Arby’s, Wendy’s, and Whitt’s - partner with us to help feed families because that was a big need that week.  With COVID 19, we have seen needs increase greatly in our community.  Because of your gifts, we have been able to provide more food and resources during this difficult time.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve and encourage you to join us.  Whether you want to serve from home or in person, there is a place for you!"

From Dottie Sires, Women on Mission Director - "I am blessed to be the leader of a women's mission group called Women on Mission.  The ladies in our group learn about mission work, pray for missionaries, support mission trips and do hands on mission projects.

This last year has caused us to change our ministry and meetings but I am thankful that we can remain active as we participate from home.  We give thanks to our Lord and our Church for the opportunity to be part of this ministry. 

I'm thankful to have our mission's magazine, Mosaic, mailed to our homes.  This gives us the opportunity to continue to pray for missionaries with birthdays during that month and mission work being done locally and globally.

We are thankful to be able to continue with our Hands on Mission projects as well.  For Halloween, our ladies filled 300 snack bags with candy. Each bag has a scripture on it, which brings God's word to many homes in our community.

We are thankful that we can continue to do God's work from home as we pray and look for ways to support the mission work at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church.  If you would like to join us, contact the mission's office."

From Enrique Hurtado, English as a Second Language, Team Leader - "Last year, the ESL Program had a late start. Registration was lower than usual, but I am thankful that the number of students increased rapidly totaling 21 students; I am thankful that the Church staff and the ESL team had to relocate the Beginners class to the loft to accommodate students. With the COVID pandemic, it was impossible to continue with face-to-face learning and efforts were made to switch classes to Zoom.  However, many of the ESL students had time, technical, and equipment challenges making it difficult to continue. I am thankful though that we expect to resume face-to-face classes following the Hermitage Hills and government protocols once we can do so safely.  We are thankful that the ESL program is an important component of Missions at Hermitage Hills... it serves a dual purpose, to integrate people to our community by breaking the language barrier and even more important, to bring people to Jesus Christ…

I am thankful for all the teachers, volunteers, and Church staff that dedicated their time and assisted with the ESL program, there are many to list but you know who you are… thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

This story is yet to be continued, stay tuned..."


Learn more about how Zacchaeus was thankful for Jesus in this week’s devotion found in the downloads.


Click on week one resources for the devotion, QR Code for Community mission opportunities, Operation Christmas Child information, Radical Heart Food Drive and information on the North American Mission Board (Annie Armstrong offering and Who's Your One).

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