The Discipleship Pathway is for everyone at Hermitage Hills. We want to partner with you on what Jesus Christ wants you to become. Discover Hermitage Hills and Starting Point are the key entry ways into LIFE Steps.

DISCOVER HERMITAGE HILLS is for all new attenders. Discover the mission of Hermitage Hills, what we value, where we’re headed, and where you fit. Visit Discover Hermitage Hills

CONNECT Relationally with God and Others (Acts 2:42)


“LIFE IS BETTER IN CIRCLES, NOT ROWS”. It is the task of everyone who calls Hermitage Hills home to find a circle and connect, to invest in one another, and to participate, thus allowing God to use us and others to make each person more into his likeness. Find A LIFEgroup

GROW in the Understanding and Application of Scripture (Ephesians 4:11-16)

grow-icon.jpg The Bible teaches us what is true and makes us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us, teaches us, and prepares us to be His hands and feet. Hermitage Hills will provide opportunities for you to grow in your ability to study and apply the Bible. It is your responsibility to embrace those opportunities. Grow Opportunities


SERVE Alongside Others in the Church (Mark 9:35)

serve-icon.jpg We believe one of the most important places to serve is in the local church. God’s design to share His plan of redemption is through His church. If God’s people don’t serve, the church can’t proclaim the message of the Gospel. It is our hope that each person who calls Hermitage Hills home will find the perfect opportunity to use their unique gifts in a comfortable and fulfilling serving capacity. Join A Team


GO Share Christ’s Love (Acts 1:8)

go-icon.jpg We want to see others commit their lives to Christ to the point they become the hands and feet of Jesus. Jesus told us to go into the world and make disciples. We are to go to every culture, race, color, ethnicity, and any circle of friends, or sphere where we have influence. This mission is the responsibility of every believer. Mission Opportunities


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