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Grandparenting Matters:  Are you ready to "Grandparent on Purpose?" For some of you, this serminar will affirm the good things you are already doing with your grandkids. For others, it will shake your world and give you a brand new perspective on what it means to be a grandparent. Whether you are on one end of that spectrum or the other - or in the middle somewhere - you are going to be deeply impacted by this study.

6 weeks | Bobby and Susan Roberts | Room B108




The Ruthless Elimination of HurryWe are all busy. Some of us can't remember the last time we rested or even had free time. Our busyness can feel productive but it is a toxic distraction, sapping our spiritual, physical, and emotional vitality. It may seem like we have no choice but to live at a frantic pace, but God has a better path for us.This study addresses one of the greatest threats to our spiritual lives: hurry. Instead of allowing our calendars and screens to control our lives, Jesus offers us a new rhythm of life, overflowing with grace, peace, and beauty.
5 weeks | John Bennett | Room B110





The Beatitudes: What does it mean to be blessed? And, more importantly, how do we become someone who is blessed? The kind of life God is calling us to may not look the way we imagined, but it will be better than we could have hoped. In this eight-session series, pastor Matt Chandler takes us through the Beatitudes and shows us what it means to live in the kingdom of God. Through Jesus’s teaching, learn what the blessed life really looks like.

8 weeks | Luke Scott and Mark Mizell | Room B106







Revelation | The Ultimate Hope in Christ: Women's Study- Even in John's day, many Christians wanted to know when Christ would come again—when the plan of salvation would be accomplished. Throughout the book of Revelation, in all of its confusing images and prophecies, God's stunning faithfulness and love is on full display as he offers up every chance for sinners to claim redemption and join him forever.  * Also offered on Thursday night at Michelle's house.
12 weeks | Michelle Garcia | Room B109



Mama Bear Apologetics: Wome's Study- Starting at a young age, kids are being fed damaging misinformation about sexuality, gender identity, and human biology. As a parent, it’s up to you to help your children understand God’s truth about these integral concepts in the face of the candy-coated lies that saturate today’s world.  As society continues to blur the lines of what is good, true, and acceptable, Gods standards remain clear and unchanging. This book will give you the wisdom to confidently raise your children to understand sex and gender through a biblical lens.
6 weeks | Chelsea Domino | Room B112


New LIFEgroup Leader Training: We have been commissioned to make disciples who make disciples, and Jesus showed us that the best way to carry that out is through small groups of believers. Just like the first-century church, small groups form the foundation to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.  Regardless of whether you have never lead a small group or have been leading one for years, all of us want to know how to create environments where spiritual growth takes place and communities are changed.  Join us for a four week journey to learn how to start a group to be a part of discipling believers. 
4 weeks | Andy Miller | Room WC 112




Find Your People: Women's Study- Space is limited and filling fastIn a world that's both more connected and more isolating than ever before, we’re often tempted to do life alone, whether because we’re so busy or because relationships feel risky and hard. In Find Your People, bestselling author Jennie Allen draws on fascinating insights from science and history, timeless biblical truth, and vulnerable stories from her own life.
7 weeks | Teri Williams | Room WC106


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