TRIBES is a student event where we group students into different teams, or TRIBES, and they compete in different challenges in the hope to win the Tribal Cup!

Students are encouraged to invite friends (who would be placed on their TRIBE) to be part of the fun, too. 

There will be a kickoff TRIBES event on Saturday, February 27 at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church from 5:30pm - 7:00pm. Students will find out what TRIBE they are on at that event. However, a student CAN miss the kickoff and still participate on March 28 at the park. 

The $20.00 cost for TRIBES covers meals at the kickoff and at the park, a t-shirt, and the resources for challenges. 

All participants will need to have a notarized 2020-2021 Hermitage Hills Child/Student Medical Form turned into the Student Ministry Office. This form can be found in this registration portal. 

For more questions, please email Student ministry office.

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