DECEMBER 4, 2022


December is always hectic.

So, our Serve First Sunday activity is meant to help us be intentional in connecting with ONE person this Christmas season.

This bag contains a Christmas card, invitation to the Christmas services at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church, a $5 gift card for Chick-fil-A to help you spend some time with your ONE, and a sweet treat to share.  If you are not joining us in person, this gives you an idea of what you can use to connect with your ONE.

Christmas is the perfect time to invite your ONE to church so that they can experience the greatest gift given,

Jesus Christ!




1. Pick up a bag from the foyer (supplies are limited)

2. Decide who your ONE is to connect with this Christmas

3. Use the Christmas card and invite card to ask them to join you for some Christmas cheer

4. Plan your time together—the gift card might come in handy

*some options:  take time to look at Christmas lights together, have a meal together before or after a service, get coffee or a snack together before or after a service, go Christmas shopping together, have a baking day together, wrap presents together. . .

5. Take a picture and send it to Brigitte at—this helps us to celebrate what God is doing and provides us with additional ideas


Have FUN!

It is Christmas and we have the best gift ever to give,

the HOPE Jesus brings.


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