November 8-13, 2020


Sunday, November 8, kicks off the Food Drive.  Donations can be brought into the building and placed on one of the donation tables located by each entrance.

Monday through Friday, donations can be left at the church office between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. 

This year, Radical Heart guests will receive the food box for the week plus an additional holiday box.  The holiday boxes will be distributed the two weeks before each holiday and will include a turkey at Thanksgiving and a ham at Christmas.


We need your help with the following items:

Canned yams

Canned corn

Cake mix

Can of frosting

Box mix of pie crust

Canned fruit pie filling

Boxed/bagged cookie mix

Box mix for biscuits or rolls

Box of tea bags

Hot chocolate mix

Sparkling cider

$25 gift cards to Kroger or Aldi



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