Students, join us for Lift Tour March 31st - April 1st!

COST $50
($25 deposit) 
Registration closes March 19th at 11:00pm.

The LIFT Tour is a world-class weekend experience that will challenge your students at all points in their spiritual walk to forsake selfish dreams, desires, demands, and instead embrace a Christ-centered lifestyle. Cost includes a ticket to the event, meals, transportation to and from the event, and a tee shirt!

This year LIFT tour will be a 2 day come and go event.  
Students will meet at the church Saturday night for dinner before traveling to the event as a group, then return to the church to be picked up by parents. 
We will meet back at the church Saturday morning for breakfast before returning to the event as a group. Saturday afternoon will include group discussions and games before dismissing from the church to go home.

FRIDAY NIGHT - 5pm drop off, 10:30​pm pick-up
SATURDAY - 8am drop off, 4pm pick-up

On Sunday morning we will have a pancake breakfast!

To register your student click HERE!

If you are interested in volunteering for some of the event please fill out the form below! 

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