Room in the Inn provides a place for men to stay the night during the months of November through March.  Hermitage Hills Baptist Church hosts men on Wednesday nights.  We provide a hot dinner, cots with bedding for sleep, opportunity for a shower, clothing items, breakfast, a sack lunch and transportation to and from the Room in the Inn facility downtown.  Most importantly though we provide fellowship and conversation that points to Christ.  You can serve in many ways through:

Provide meal items - we partner with Whitt's, but like to add an additional meat, two sides, dessert, 10 sack lunches - we also like for the group/indidvidual to stay and help us serve the food

Host the meal - come and eat with us at 6:15 and join in conversation with the men

Drive the van - pick up the church van from Hermitage Hills at 5:15 pm on Wednesday, drive to the Room in the Inn facility downtown to pick up the men and bring them back to the church, pick up the men on Thursday morning at 5:30 am, drive the men back to the Room in the Inn facility and return the van to the church

Stay the night as an inn keeper - two men stay the night as inn keepers to answer questions, make sure things are put away as needed, get breakfast items out in the morning, and take out the trash - cots are provided for sleeping

Wash bedding/towels - the twin sheets and towels can be picked up on Thursday morning and returned the next week on Wednesday morning

This is a wonderful way to Impact our City as we show the love of Christ to our guests.

If you are interested in volunteering with Room In The Inn, please complete the form below and we will contact you.

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