Engage Together is an organization that helps educate people and organizations on how to identify and report human trafficking.  Did you know that each county in Tennessee has reported cases of human trafficking?  It is quickly rising and is now the second highest crime in the state.  Nashville has many organizations that work to help the victims of human trafficking.  Hermitage Hills Baptist Church is working with these organizations to provide support to the work they are already doing.  One of the biggest needs in fighting human trafficking is for people to educate themselves on what human trafficking is and how to report it when recognized.


HOW TO GO:  Take a class on human trafficking through Engage Together.  Hermitage Hills has a membership that allows our congregation to go through a human trafficking class.  You can also participate in the collections we will do for the area ministries already helping victims.  Items collected would be $10 gift cards to fast food restaurants, blankets, and sweat pants/sweat shirts in all sizes.  To hear about these collections, sign up for the mission’s newsletter that is emailed monthly, check out the mission’s wall off the main foyer, or go to hermitagehills.com/missions and click City/Nation for more information.


If you are interested in helping, please contact bsimpson@hermitagehills.com.

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