We partner with Love Packages in Decatur, AL to send literature overseas.  Their mission is to produce free Bible study materials for churches and Bible schools overseas, to mail New Testaments to individuals, and to collect new and used Bibles, Christian books, magazines, tracts from churches to ship overseas.

Approximately 80% of Christians outside of the USA have no access to literature.  Love Packages wants to fill this gap and get literature to all the nations.

We partner with Love Packages by collecting used literature throughout the year.  A team will bring what we have collected to the Love Packages's facility in the spring and fall.  The team will help sort the literature, pack it in boxes, and mark the boxes for shipping.  Love Packages will then ship it around the world so it can be used to spread the Gospel!  You can place donated items in the bins marked Love Packages or drop them by the office.

In 2022, we are continuing to send literature and Bibles to Love Packages.  They have seen God work in an amazing way as they continue to package and send literature to the ends of the earth.

Here is a story of how God is using the literature for His glory:

Zibabwe:  We were witnessing from door to door and we came across a very angry man, he was not pleasant.  He was yelling at us.  He was like what do you want, and we said sir, we want to bless you with a Couple's Bible.  He said yes I'll take it but you get out of here, you need to move on.  We found that to be a strange answer.  We handed him the Couple's Bible and left.  Several weeks later he called saying the Bible you gave me saved my marriage.  We were on the verge of divorce, but every time I saw that Couple's Bible I felt convicted, I started reading it, then I asked my wife for forgiveness she accepted and we have now reconciled.  Now we are enjoying the Couple's Bible together.  Continue the good work.  Thank you.

If you are interested in being a part of Love Packages, please fill out the form below.

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