Latest update from Angelia:

Through the start of 2023 I have been so thankful to see all that God is doing through Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Some highlights have been:

  • We were able to send a coach and her husband to an FCA Marriage Retreat 
  • Speaking about Jesus at many schools throughout the county, totaling over 400 students each week impacted by FCA!
  • Spending time with FCA leaders
  • I am meeting with discipleship groups of FCA leaders and taking them through FCA discipleship resources
  • Breakfast and Bible study with all coaches and the principal of North Forsyth High School
  • Providing Bibles to all coaches at North Forsyth High School
  • I was able to speak at a school this morning with one of the FCA students who was saved through FCA last year! What a cool moment to see them sharing the gospel to FCA at their school after coming to know the Lord through FCA last year!
  1. Please pray for the upcoming coaches breakfast and Bible Study on March 17! Praying to encourage and share the gospel with them. 
  2. Please pray with me for students to sign up for FCA Leadership camp this coming summer! 
  3. Please pray that we will have more people volunteer with FCA and have them plugged into the schools doing consistent devotionals!


Angelia was active in FCA during High School.   The FCA leadership invested in her and consistently shared the Gospel.  God did a mighty work and Angelia accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.  Angelia became a member at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church and grew closer to Christ through the student ministry.

Angelia’s experience has created a passion in her for helping students learn about Jesus and come into a personal relationship with him.  In the fall of 2021, she accepted the call to begin working with FCA in North Carolina.  We, as her home church, were excited to partner with her by providing financial support.  She has been building FCA groups, leading Bible studies, connecting with school staff, connecting with students, and sharing the love of Christ.

HOW TO GO:  This year, we will continue to provide support to Angelia for her work through FCA.  Giving to the One Fund allows us to provide this support so that she can continue to share the Gospel with the Middle School and High School students in her area so they can experience LIFE change.


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