What will your new year look like?

by Andy Miller

Happy New Year!  Well—not yet, but it is only a few short days away.  Every New Year is a time for us to reflect on the year just passed and look into the future.  We think about making goals to make ourselves better which is always a good thing.  How can I get out of debt?  How can I lose ten pounds?  How can I exercise more?  All of those things are good things.  I would encourage you to sit down and make some measurable goals and share them with a friend who can hold you accountable. 

This year may I encourage you to take some time to think about your walk with the Lord?  No matter where you are you have a walk with God.  If you have never believed, you are searching.  If you have known Him, you are still growing in your walk with Him.  In every relationship, we continue get to know the person better.  When it comes to our walk with God, it is no different! 

Here are few ideas for you. 

  • This year start praying over your neighborhood.  Take a walk and pray over each home.  If you are so bold, make a map of your neighborhood and go door to door.  Introduce yourself and tell your neighbors that you’ve been thinking it would be great if everyone in the neighborhood could know one another’s names.  Ask if they would like to include their names on the map that you would like to distribute.  Then, you can begin to pray for each neighbor by name.
  • Go to bible.com.  Pick a devotional to get started with.  They will not take you long to go through.  Staying consistent in God’s word is vital for the spiritual health of any believer. 
  • Here is one last idea.  Study II Timothy 2:1-13.  Paul gives some instruction on how we need to be like the farmer, the soldier, and the athlete.  Study that passage.  Go to preceptaustin.org and look up that passage.  Read as many messages as you can on it.  On a sheet of paper write down some personal goals for 2017 from the Apostle Paul’s instructions on being like the farmer, the athlete and the soldier. 

Let’s make 2017 a year of spiritual growth like never before. 

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