Some Don't Believe

It’s just a few days away.  Dozens of us have been praying and inviting people to celebrate with us the greatest event that took place over 2,000 years ago.  Jesus gave victory over death and sin.  We are all broken people in need of a Savior.  We are all sinners who do deserve grace.  We are all invited into the arms of a Savior who is loving, forgiving, and full of grace. 

But some don’t believe.  They would say the resurrection is “unbelievable”.  In 2014, the Huffington Post wrote an article called:  12 Words that Have Lost Their Meaning or are Way Overused.  Here is a section of that article:

  • literally: Originally meant “in a literal or strict sense,” but is used as a more general intensifier for things that are not strictly true.
  • unique: Originally meant “unlike anything else,” but is used to mean “different, to some degree, from the standard or the norm.”
  • awesome: Originally meant “causing feelings of fear or wonder,” but is used as a general, positive descriptor like “great” or “cool.”
  • amazing: Originally meant “causing overwhelming surprise or astonishment,” but is used as a general, positive descriptor like “great” or “cool.”
  • totally: Originally meant “completely, in every part,” but is now used as a general intensifier, much like “really.”
  • basically: Originally meant “essentially” or “fundamentally,” but is now used as a general verbal filler.
  • incredible: Originally meant “impossible to believe,” but is now used as a general, positive descriptor like “great” or “cool.”
  • really: Originally meant “actually true,” but is now used frequently as a general intensifier.
  • very: Meaning “to a high degree,” we all just need to stop using it in every other sentence.
  • honestly: Originally meant “in an honest and genuine manner,” but is now often used as a general verbal filler.
  • absolutely: Originally meant “in a complete and total manner,” but is now used as a general intensifier.
  • unbelievable: Originally meant “impossible to believe,” but is now used as a general, positive descriptor.

Did you see the last word on the list?  "Unbelievable", it’s a word that is overused and has completely changed from its original meaning.  It no longer means the impossible but instead, a positive descriptor.  We use this word today to mean, it's incredible that something that unbelievable is really believable. 

Take a look through the pictures above. When I first saw them, I said to myself:  “Unbelievable”.  And yet there I was seeing something that seemed Unbelievable, but was Believable.  I could not deny it!  It was there right in front of me.

Same is true with one of the disciples who followed Jesus for 3 years during His earthly ministry.  He always asked the tough question.  He always needed proof.  He always looked for answers.  And he even told his fellow disciples after the resurrection that he did not believe.  He wanted to touch His hands, feet, and side.  It was Thomas.  You may know him as “doubting Thomas”.  But, even though he would't believe, his friends didn't forsake him. They hung in there with him until the day he came face to face with the resurrected Christ.  His response was powerful:  “My Lord, and My God”.  Enough said.

Maybe you’re that doubting person.  Maybe you need more answers.  Maybe you are on the journey of discovery.  I pray you have friends who will walk with you on that journey until you meet Jesus face to face.  He loves you.  He died for you.  He rose again for you.  He lives today to know you!

If you don’t have a place to go this weekend to hear more about the Unbelievable Believable, well look no further.  We would love for you to join us this weekend at one of our two local campuses.

Hermitage Campus:
6:00pm - Saturday Night Service
10:30am - Sunday Morning Service (9:45am - egg hunt, donuts, and coffee)

Rayon City Campus:
9:30am - Servicio de La Pascua
10:30am - Egg Hunt
11:00am - English Service

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