How Can I Find More Time?

by Poly Rouse

In last weeks blog we discovered that missional living is the call of Christ.  We are to make disciples.  Jesus desires for His church to connect with this call. I have found that to live on mission takes intentional planning, because before we know it, so many other "important" parts of life have taken over.  Suddenly the mission that Jesus has compelled me to has been placed on the back burner of my life.  Now, I don't do this on purpose, but honestly, it is a daily reality.  The fast pace of life robs me of the joys of missional living and personal discipleship. Even those things that were designed to make life simpler, easier, and give us more time, have in reality robbed us of those very areas for which we long. Time seems to be fleeting.  We find ourselves coming and going at a pace where missional living has gotten lost in the dust. The fact is, some of us can’t even begin to answer these questions because we don’t have any time!

The fact of the matter is, missional living is complex and can be very difficult to manage. 
I struggle with this reality just like you do.  Let me share with you a few of my own thoughts of how I can better my schedule and live an intentional life on mission.

1.    Evaluate your schedule:  Since the beginning, time has not changed.  There have always been 24 hours in each day.  What has changed is how we deal with it.  Time is a tension that needs constant managing.  Having periodic honest evaluations of my schedule and choices can keep me on track.  Make the time. Make the tough choices.  What has to go? What needs to stay? Each of us needs to take control of the time that God has given us and control it instead of it controlling us.

2.    It's your choice:  How did we ever get convinced that our time is not our own?  Why is it that work, people, sports, activities, and so many other life events control our time?  What I do and where I go is really up to me.  It's my choice.  It's up to me to control my calendar.  You may not feel this way, and I know it seems impossible.  But it really isn't.  My choices are a reflection of what I think is important.  I have to choose.

3.    It’s important:  You've heard it and I have too.  Before you know it you'll turn around and your children are grown, your job has hired someone else to replace you, and you are looking backward to the best years of your life. Time is a precious commodity given equally to every person.  Once it's gone you can't get it back.  Hit pause for just a moment.  Take in the power of time. It’s ours to use, but let’s use it the way God intended….making disciples.

What do you think of these three areas to consider?  Do you have another area that you find is helpful to balance life and missional living?  Share with me your thoughts.

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