What In The World Is Missional Living?

by Poly Rouse

When I was 16 the journey began for me.  I had grown up "in church".  I have memories of attending church. My whole family went together.  Many adult believers cared for me, loved me, and introduced me to a faith journey that has grown through the years.  Over time and through many personal experiences, the Jesus in the Bible became my personal Savior and Lord.  This relationship beckons me to impact others with the truth of a cross, a grave, and a resurrection that changes everything.  The fellowship of believers calls this our discipleship journey.  It means we live a life that engages the Gospel personally, and we also intentionally build community with others that weaves Christ in conversation and action.  We call it “Missional Living”. 

Missional Living is a phrase that has been used in blogs, pulpits, conferences, and articles.  It refers to Matthew 28:19a - "Go and make disciples".  In fact, it is the last command of Christ our Savior. Through the years, followers of Christ have encouraged other believers to connect, or reconnect, to this Biblical lifestyle of missional living.

If I’m being honest, I struggle with this on a constant basis.  How about you?  Do you find yourself busy going from one event to another…even church events?  Do you wish you had just one more hour in the day to finish everything on your “To Do List”?  Do you ever miss events because you’re just exhausted?  Here’s the problem.  How can we live missional lives if we don't have any space on our calendars to accomplish the call?  How will we develop relationships that are real and relevant if we are constantly on the go?

How are you and I going to respond to this complex problem?  How can we gain back that which we have lost to the "fast pace" of living?  I'm sure there are many of you who have some ideas and I would love for you to share them on this blog.  Maybe with the collective thoughts of many, we can get a better handle on this runaway train! 

So, what do you think?  Let me know how you struggle. Share some tips of how you balance time, faith, and missional living.  I really would enjoy your thoughts.  If you are new to your faith journey, or you still haven’t begun your faith journey, that’s ok!  You’re welcome here! So, everyone, let me know what you think....because we're better together.

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