How Did I Get Here?

by Poly Rouse

Have you ever been driving to a certain location and when you got there you really didn't remember how?  I mean, you know you drove there but the path, turns, and traffic seems to elude you in that moment.  You probably got busy thinking about someone or something and the next thing you knew, you were at your destination.  That has happened to me to many times to number. I’m not sure what that says about me, but it’s an honest assessment of my driving skills. 

Vision can do the same thing.  We can set out in January with new goals.  We can have the best of intentions but the next thing you know, April is here and those vision goals are lost or maybe even forgotten.  It's not long before we find ourselves on a forgotten path moving from one day to the next and over time we can’t even remember how we got to where we are, much less where we were meant to be going … and that is disappointing.

So, this month I’m going to be sharing the importance of being in it "For The Long Haul" and prayerfully taking a journey with you towards having a God-size vision for your life and our church.  There will be some difficult questions to review, some time involved, and there will be a result to expect.  So, let’s walk the Vision Journey together.

One of the places that we see people discovering success would be in the investment world.  There are all kinds of investors. While I’m no expert, I have consistently been advised that good investments must be considered in the financial arena as a “long term” position.  So, having a long term view of my investments works best for me.  In other words, I need to be in it “For The Long Haul”.

When I think of my spiritual journey, being in it "For The Long Haul" is a great illustration.  The incredible truth is God has a plan and purpose for each of us. Sure there will be times of spiritual sprinting, you know, when you're trying to catch back up with God and where he wants you to be. But the fact is, in order to live out God's plan and purpose, we must have vision, passion, and determination.  My desire for you during this month's blog is to have the vision, passion, and determination needed to be in it "For The Long Haul".

Here are a couple of questions to consider:

  • Are you willing to be in it "For The Long Haul"
  • Do you desire to see God use you for His divine plan? 
  • Are you willing to write your goals and objectives in a Vision Statement that will guide your daily agenda?

If you were willing to answer these questions and are willing to take the step in writing your Vision Statement, would you be willing to share with others to help inspire them? If so, please consider sharing your comments below.

Let’s be in it "For The Long Haul"!

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