Have you ever attempted a renovation? You start motivated and often end the first day with a massive mess on your hands. So, if renovation is so difficult, why do we attempt it? This study will introduce you to the possibility of a personal renovation, exploring the foundation and blueprints of God's original design for us. Digging deeper in this topic has helped thousands of people discover the lies they believed about themselves and God. It has given them tools to experience the freedom and life God intended. Join us for this Andy Stanley study.

  • Location

    Hermitage Campus
  • Type

    Adult (English)
  • Study Topic

    God's Blueprint for Us
  • Childcare Provided?

  • Date/Time

    Wednesday at
  • Recurrence

  • Start Date

    April 4, 2018
  • End Date

    May 23, 2018
  • Leader

    Andy Miller

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