What comes to mind when you think about God?

What do you think God thinks about you?

Unfortunately, we've created a God in our mind who only faintly resembles the God of Scripture.  These mental idols comfort our emotions, but they are powerless to deliever us from evil or transform our lives.  The way back, the path of hope, starts with knowing God for who He really is.

Most people today go through life praying a little, attending church on occasion, serving their own strength, and hoping for the best. They are spiritual - or religious - but are not really living life God's way and with His power. Why? It all starts with their view of God. When you bring clarity to misperceptions about God and begin to truly know and experience Him, every aspect of their lives will change. Suddenly, relationships, decision-making and worldview have a new sense of purpose, and people are better equipped to respond to adversity. In the process, a confident hope about life replaces the underlying fear that is pervasive in our curlture. 

During February and March, Hermitage Hills will be exploring scripture and getting to know the REAL God. 

Interested in being a part of this journey? Join us each Sunday at our 9:00 or 10:30am service. Location Information 

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