As you know, Hurricanes has devastated large parts  Texas and Florida. The number of people and homes affected are on a Katrina scale, if not larger. Hermitage Hills, in partnership with Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief, stands ready to share Christ as volunteers assist in the response effort.

“How can we help?”


Pray for those affected by these devastating rains and winds. Pray that God will comfort and guide them as they walk through this very difficult time. Pray that God will use this event to lead many people to faith in Christ. Pray that God will encourage believers and churches as they seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus to their neighbors. Pray for the local, state and national leaders overseeing these operations. Pray for the safety of the many volunteers who will respond and that God will provide opportunities of ministry for them as they serve.


Give to assist those in need. This should be above and beyond what a person or church normally gives, so as not to harm the local congregation. You can give online at or send it directly to TBMB and designate on the check where you would like the contribution applied.  Sometimes we would rather send something tangible rather than money. Cash donations allow us to purchase materials and things where the disaster occurred, which in turn stimulates the local economy that has just suffered. It also does not have to be warehoused or shipped, which often costs almost as much as the gift.
Give specific items. For those desiring to give something tangible, what you give should be based on the needs of a particular disaster.  Items will be collected at the Missions Mobilization Center (MMC) for shipping to the affected sites. List of Suggested Items. Please contact MMC at or (615) 371-7926 if you have any questions. Any leftover items will be given to other charitable organizations, or saved until a similar event happens.


Train to GO. Often in a disaster, people want to go and help. The best way people can go and help is to be trained and ready when the time comes. If you are willing to go with our Disaster Relief Team to help, please complete the form below. While training isn't required, we encourage you to sign up if possible. Click Here for class options

Once you complete the form below, you will be contacted with next step information.

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