2018-2019 Goal is $80,000.

Lottie Moon Offering (International Missions) - $36,000
Starting in 1888, the Lottie Moon Offering was established to empower the international missions efforts for Southern Baptists. Your giving to month of missions enables missionaries to be sent to make disciples and multiply churches among unreached peoples and places for the glory of God. One Hundred percent of these funds go directly to missionary support. (imb.org)

Annie Armstrong Offering (North American Missions) - $12,000
The Annie Armstrong Offering empowers North American missionaries to bring the gospel to the lost. With over 269 million lost people, North America and its major cities are some of the most spiritually dark places in the world. Your giving equips every missionary to reach lost people in the United States and Canada. One Hundred percent of these funds go directly to missionary support. (namb.net)

Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions - $6,400
The Golden Offering is church planting across Tennessee where there is no gospel witness. It’s churches coming together to serve their neighborhood to see people saved, baptized, and set on the road to discipleship. It’s Baptist Collegiate Ministries sharing the hope of Jesus on university campuses. The Golden Offering provides invaluable financial support for Tennessee ministries. (tnbaptist.org)

Nashville Baptist Association (Local Church support) - $4,800
Today, churches in and around the city of Nashville are still challenged by evangelism, missions, and special needs of this growing area in Middle Tennessee. The ethnic population of Nashville has grown to include 70 different people groups, many of whom have yet to hear the gospel.  We no longer have to go overseas to reach the world – the world has come to us, and the Nashville Baptist Association assists the local church in reaching our city for Christ. (nashvillebaptistassociation.org)

Local Projects - $4,800
These funds go towards four local projects impacting our community, city and state: Heartbeat Ministries, Pregnancy Care Center, Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes and Tennessee Baptist Adult Homes. (tennesseechildren.org)

Hermitage Hills Mission Support - $16,000
This fund goes toward supporting individuals going on mission as well as overall expenses for our teams on the mission field. Many in our church family would not be able to participate in missions without your generosity. This fund also supports some of our church family that are serving year-round in places like Africa and India.


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