Our vision is simple and clear: seeing people experience LIFE change through Jesus Christ. We believe that LIFE change and spiritual growth best happen when we choose to serve others. We often grow more through serving than those who remain on the sidelines. We are not a country club. We are a church: a community of individuals committed to being involved in the process of glorifying God and helping others to experience LIFE change.

We have designed several ways for you to connect with missions, and we have three words to make it easy to remember: Pray, Give and Go. We know everyone can’t do everything, but everyone can do something. It’s your choice on where to connect.

Pray for individuals as they serve all over the world, for mission teams as they travel, and for unreached people groups around the world. Below are listed several YouVersion devotions to help you discover your mission and pray for others:

How To Neighbor
Pray Your Way Around The World
Doing Things That Matter
Discover Your Role in God's Mission
The Good Samaritan

Give to Month of Missions over and above your tithe to financially support missions and volunteers for the next 12 months. Our church goal this year 2018-2019 is $80,000 which covers mission efforts in our community, city, nation, and world. By giving, YOU are involved in spreading the Gospel around the world, across our country, and down the street. Giving online is easy. Create an Account
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Go and serve our community, our city, our nation, or our world. Discover opportunities at the Mission Expo and the Neighboring Conference. Pray about how you can be a neighbor to someone around the corner or around the world. By choosing either the local or world box below, you will be able to discover a variety of ways to “go” with the love of Jesus. No matter your skills or experience, God can use everyone.

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