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The Hermitage Campus is located in the heart of Hermitage Tennessee. We stand on the corner of Lebanon Pike and Juarez Drive. We stand for the community. We stand for you.  

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Hermitage Campus Times

Sunday Service Times

Worship (Spanish Translation Available): 10:30 am
Adult LIFEgroups: 9:00 am
Children & Student LIFEgroups: 9:00 am
Children/Preschool Worship Hour: 10:30 am

Wednesday Service Times

Babies – 12th grade: 6:00 pm
Adult Choir Rehearsal: 6:00 pm
Short Term Groups for Adults: 6:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

You've noticed construction and not sure why?

In January of 2018, Hermitage Hills Baptist Church experienced an unexpected flood which damaged a significant portion of our church including our Church Offices, Preschool Ministry areas, our Music Suite, our LIFEgroup rooms, our Worship Center and other connector and fellowship areas. 

What are the steps that we took to lead to reconstruction?

We were fully covered with proper insurance at the time of the incident. Our Senior Director of Finance and Operations, Charles Reynolds, as well as our staff team, have worked closely with our insurance representatives to disperse monies to the church to take care of all immediate needs that resulted from the flooding. Further, a restoration company jumped in right away to get the restoration up and running by drying out the building and analyzing the loss. Our goal: get it done and get it done correctly. 

Since it was water damage, is there any risk of environmental concern (such as mold, mildew, etc.?

As part of the assessment of damage, an environmental science expert analyzed the building, as well as the various items that we planned to keep as part of the restoration. The environmental scientist determined that due to the expedition and the expert facilitation of cleaning, the building and the items we are keeping are environmentally clean and safe. We've obtained a certificate and have it on file in the church office.

What are the various phases of the reconstruction?

As you can imagine, with the size of this type project our leadership had to be creative in streamlining and prioritizing the reconstruction efforts.

Phase 1 - Preschool/Grow U Ministry Area
Phase 2 - Office Spaces, LIFEgroup Rooms, Music Suite, and Heartbeat Ministries
Phase 3 - Worship Center, Connector Areas/Hallways, and Fellowship Hall

When will Phase 1 be completed and when will it be occupied?

There has been a lot of progress underway already, from completion of new drywall, flooring, sinks, paint, etc.  July 18 through July 28, 2018 we will begin the process of moving items back into the Preschool/Grow U Ministry area. This is to prepare for the next Grow U school year with a milestone to reopen the area for Grow U Open House on August 2, 2018. On August 5, 2018, we plan to host Preschool LIFEgroups back in their space. 

When will Phase 2 be completed and when will it be occupied?

The next area we are focusing on will be church offices on the ground floor, our Music Suite, LIFEgroup space, and some of the Heartbeat Ministry rooms. We hope to have that occupied by November of 2018.

When will we be able to utilize and schedule the use of the Café?

With the current schedule, the Preschool/Grow U area has to be ready to go by the beginning of August for the new school year, followed by the Playground and then the Café. If we stay on the projected schedule, we should be back in the Café towards the end of September 2018.

When will we be back in our normal Worship Center (Phase 3)?

We're excited to announce that we anticipate being back into our Worship Center/sanctuary by April 21, (Easter) 2019.

At this stage of reconstruction, which areas are not getting new paint and flooring?

Currently, the areas that are not receiving new paint and floor are the Family Life Center (FLC), Balcony Hallways, the 2nd floor of the Next Generation Building, the Loft, and the Children's Wing. Everything else is getting new paint and flooring. This is almost 100,000 square foot of flooring. After Grow U moves out of the Children's Wing, a review will be made of the carpet and paint to determine if that needs to be replaced. 

What can I do to help?

Thank you for asking! Please continue to join us in prayer. God has continued to bless us in our time of need, especially with such an unexpected event.
Generosity from our church family will need to continue. Even though the insurance is a blessing and is covering the restoration expense, the daily needs of general ministry will continue. Therefore, please encourage everyone to be generous, tithe, and give sacrificially to our General Ministry Fund. If God has placed it on your heart, please continue to give through these possible means:

In Worship Service - Cash or Check as part of Worship
Online - GIVE NOW  Automated/Recurring Giving is Available
Mobile App - Using RealmConnect which is available in the App Store and Google Play store
Texting - Text the word "HermitageHills" to 73256

What blessings can we celebrate since the flood?

We have been blessed by being able to tackle some repairs, maintenance, and general improvements of areas in our church that otherwise may not have been able to be addressed.

  • We've been able to replace our Outside Sign to a Color Sign
  • We've been able to finish upgrades to the infrastructure of the technology of our church with the installation of 3 servers and a new phone system
  • We're now able to unite building together from three different eras with paint and flooring
  • The claim has been able to assist with other areas of deferred maintenance
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