Accountability needs to be happening in your group.  The ideal size of a group is 10 to 14 people.  You need to know that one of the best ways to dive in to the area of accountability is to split your group up at the end of the night between men and women.  This will allow there to be a level of honesty that would not exist between a mixed group.  Scripture reading, prayer, living a pure life all need to be items of discussion. 

Are my kids going to be safe and secure?

YES! We take your child’s safety very seriously.  We have check in and check out procedures in place to ensure your child is safe and secure.  Our volunteers have all done background checks and love working with kids! 

At this stage of reconstruction, which areas are not getting new paint and flooring?

Currently, the areas that are not receiving new paint and floor are the Family Life Center (FLC), Balcony Hallways, the 2nd floor of the Next Generation Building, the Loft, and the Children's Wing. Everything else is getting new paint and flooring. This is almost 100,000 square foot of flooring. After Grow U moves out of the Children's Wing, a review will be made of the carpet and paint to determine if that needs to be replaced. 

Can I invite friends?

You can absolutely invite friends! It’s more fun to do things together with people, so why not bring your friends?


All groups need to be on a curriculum.  We recommend several tracks.  LifeWay offers several that are excellent.  Masterwork, Explore the Bible, Bible Studies for Life, and the Gospel Project all are good.  We also have a membership to  This is a site that we can give you access to.  There are hundreds of studies prepared and waiting for you to use.  
Right Now Media is another sources for curriculum.  This is a video based resource.  All the teaching is done through video.  We will purchase the printed curriculum for you to use. 

How Do I Structure a Meeting?

Always have a start and a stop time.  Honor people’s time.  if you do not they will not come back.  You can always ask for additional time to continue in a study if you need to.  Start on time and end on time.  Once you have hit your end time finish your study and let people know they can leave if they would like.  Also allow them to stay and be together.  Relationship are your key to success in discipleship. 

How can I find out more information and stay in the loop?

  • Follow us on social media
  • Join Remind101 (group texting service)
  • Text “@hhbcstumin” to 81010

How do I as a group leader support the Vision and Mission of the church?

Always push people to get engaged in the church.  Push them to serve and find a place of ministry.  As we look at Ephesians 2:8-10 this is vital since God has given them a gift and talent to use to grow the church.  Encourage people to always ask questions to the right people as they come up about the church.  As questions come up, get them to the people with the answers.  Don’t feel like you have to make up an answer.  It is always ok to say you don’t know.

How will I know what LIFEgroup to go to?

Student LIFEgroups are broken down by gender and grades. On Sunday mornings, all students are together for a few minutes for games, announcements, etc., but then students are dismissed to their LIFEgroups. Our leaders will make sure you find your group if there is any question.

Is it okay to invite someone to our group who doesn't go to our church?

If the person does not attend our church, inviting them to a group is one of the best things you can do to get them involved. There is no greater place for someone to experience real relationships with people from our church.  I would say, if a person does have a church home it would be more ideal for them to go and attend a group that is provided for them by that church.  If we want to see accountability happen in a person’s life it is really important that they attend a group where they go to church.  

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