As part of our Discipleship Pathway at Hermitage Hills we want to offer opportunities for you to grow. One way is giving you the tools necessary to deal with life's situations. On September 17, we are offering a Parent Connect. This is a way for us to connect with parents and give them tools to help raise the next generation. The focus will be on social media and your kids. 

During this workshop, you’ll gain practical knowledge and tips, such as:

  • What social media platforms present the greatest risks for children and teens
  • What age is right to start using social media
  • How to help your child navigate the emotional complexities of social media
  • Dealing with online bullying
  • Finding balance for your child in a hyperconnected world
  • Strategies for talking to your child about their life online

Deadline for registration September 11, 2017

*Registration for childcare and lunch is closed, but feel free to grab your own lunch and attend!

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