April 20-21, 2018

Guest Speaker: Matt Miller

A time full of Learning, Adventure, Food and Fellowship.


So many times in life we get to a place where we are so caught up in doing all that we need to do for work, family and life that we forget about the bigger story God is writing all around us. We forget that He chose to use us to be a part of His story of Redemption. Our relationship with God should open us up to the understanding that we are IN Him.  Men, come join us as we will refocus our hearts on Christ. Matt Miller, yes Andy's brother, will guide us through studying scripture to help us realign our hearts to live IN God's will.

Friday Night
  6:00pm Dinner
  7:00pm Session 1
  8:30pm Small Group Discussion
  9:00pm Basketball

  8:00am Breakfast
  9:00am Session 2
10:30am Small Group Discussions
11:00am Lunch
12:00pm Inflatable
  2:00pm Session 3
  3:00pm  Dismissed

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Cost: $50.00

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