The LIFT Tour is a world-class weekend experience that will challenge your students at all points in their spiritual walks to forsake selfish dreams, desires and demands, and embrace a Christ-centered lifestyle.


6:00pmĀ - Arrive at Hermitage Campus
6:30pm - Depart for Long Hollow
7:30pm - Session One
9:30pm - Leave Long Hollow - Return to HHBC

8:00am - Arrive at Hermitage Campus
8:30am - Depart for Long Hollow
9:30am - Session Two
10:50am - Session Three
12:15pm - Lunch
1:00pm - Activities at Hermitage Campus (TBD)
6:00pm - Dinner
6:30pm - Depart for Long Hollow
7:30pm - Sessoin Four
9:30pm - Leave Long Hollow - returnĀ to HHBC

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