Director of Creative Arts Media (Full Time)

Works Closely with: Lead Pastor, Head of Worship Ministry, Event & Facilities Coordinator 
Supervisory Responsibilities: May supervise part-time employees and independent contractors 

The director of creative arts media is a full-time position that will be responsible for working in tandem with the Lead Pastor & Head of Worship Ministry to execute & plan each worship service and various ministry leaders on special programs (as appropriate.) Although the Lead Pastor is responsible for setting the theme and overall direction, and the Head of Worship Ministry is responsible for the facilitating of the worship experience, the director will oversee and coordinate the production & technical details that our worship services and various special programs may encompass.  

The director of creative arts media must be a visionary who is creative in leading people to God through leveraging technology and production. They must be a leader who can communicate a direction in a way that inspires those around them to join in the pursuit of that vision. 

Core Competencies 

  • Leadership for this ministry with a growing faith, a personal testimony, integrity, a servant’s heart, spiritual devotion, and healthy relationships.  

  • Love for both the church and the community. 

  • Embrace stated vision, live Hermitage Hills values, and be preoccupied with the mission of God, and respect Hermitage Hills’ beliefs. 

  • Possession of genuine humility and work well in the context of a team through collaboration. 

  • Possession of a genuine positive attitude. 

  • Adaptability and understanding of success in a high expectation environment. 

  • Demonstration of ownership of responsibility & accountability. 

  • Ability to meet and understand deadlines. 

  • Courage in the scope of the role. 

Core Responsibilities 

  • Develop, maintain and expand the media/production ministry of Hermitage Hills, providing leadership, vision and proposals for projects and enhancements as well as oversight of the processes and procedures for the program. 

  • Overall responsibility for the implementation of production elements such as audio, video, lighting and media of weekend services and other special events, with the goal of reaching a high degree of excellence.  

  • Work in partnership with the Head of Worship Ministry and its leaders in the creative planning and production through creative arts to enhance worship experiences.  

  • Assist as a leader & member of ministry areas (as assigned or called upon) as a trusted advisor towards the planning and execution of weekend services and other special events, leveraging technology & media.  

  • Provide oversight of production team assimilation, development, and community in the areas of character and craft.  

  • Schedule all media/production volunteers and technicians to staff the needed roles to execute weekend services, venues, and special events.  

  • Maintain and coordinate the purchasing & installation of technical related equipment (i.e. audio, video, lighting, and multimedia equipment) in all equipped worship venues, control rooms and rehearsal spaces including inventorying and necessary procurement processes.  

  • Responsible, alongside the appropriate staff, for development & oversight of the media/production ministry budget.  

  • Attend applicable and scheduled staff prayer and planning meetings as directed or requested. 

Required Skill Set 

  • Possession of an attention to detail, problem-solving and proven leadership skills. 

  • Efficiency in organizing, prioritizing and leading multiple projects. 

  • A strong background in production and a wide variety of technical production skills. 

  • Strong skills in troubleshooting and repairing technical production equipment. 

  • Strong skills in communicating with and providing resources to teams within the church. 

  • Strong skills in dealing with a variety of contracted or vendor-provided, goods and services. 

  • Clearance of criminal background check. 

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Advanced training & experience in media (audio engineering, lighting design, project management, video producing, and overall production). 

  • Formal education is not a predetermining factor for the selection, but a 4-year degree or equivalent experience in a technical related field is preferred. 

  • At least three (3) years of experience in overseeing & cultivating volunteers and part-time workers. 

  • Experience working in a church of 800 or more in weekly attendance.  

  • Familiarity & experience with tools such as ProPresenter, Planning Center, Loop Community, or other equivalencies. 

Bonus Skills & Qualifications 

  • Project management certification and/or experience. 

  • Hands-on experience with web-based and non-web-based technologies.   

This role description is intended to describe the general content and requirement for the performance of this job. Other duties and work may be required. 

Please send an application, all resumes, portfolios, and other supporting documents to Antonio Lombardi at  

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